Self-made Teddy bears and quiet books for your babies

Teddy bears. Section

Teddy bears and friends

This section is dedicated to Teddy bears and their friends – different animals made in plush bears style.

For these toys we use traditional material (plush, mohair, viscose) and make them in a special way. Glass eyes, jointed paws, synthetic and woody filler, weighting agents, and the ingenuity of the author – that is the recipe of a Teddy bear who becomes a perfect decoration of your place and your best friend!

Quiet books. Section

Quiet books

This section is dedicated to felt handmade quiet books for kids.

Such book attracts child’s attention for a long time. It contains lots of educational games, so a child develops fine motor skills, speech, memory, concentration and creative skills. It can be made either like a book or like a tablet. It can be easily folded, kept, and washed if needed. And the most important – kids and adults like it so much!

Grant your baby with a fairy tale!

Knitting. Section


This section is dedicated to different knitted items for you and your children. The description of each item is given below.

Knitting is one of the favorite passion of the millions women all around the world. You can take rest from household chores, relieve stress, embody your creative ideas and make an item according to your taste and desire.

Knitted clothes are always unique and give you an incomparable feeling of warmth and comfort!

About me

Olesia Sukhomlyna. Photo


My name is Olesia and I’m glad to welcome you on my site dedicated to self-made toys and needlework.

I live in Dnipro, Ukraine. I engage myself in knitting, drawing, and embroidery. Few years ago I got involved in making puppets, soft toys, especially Teddy bears. The Teddy bears’ world is a boundless space for my designs and childish dreams realization. Each of us had his most loved toy, a bear, with which you played, walked, ate and fell asleep. I guess one wants to go back to his childhood with his kids or grandchildren.

When our son was born I decided to make a felt quiet book for him. While playing with such a toy a child develops fine motor skills, attention, and concentration. He also gets a desire to learn. Our baby liked this book so much, and for me the process of creating was so captivating that I couldn’t stop.

Now I make this sort of quiet books and tablets for other kids with great pleasure. I like to create new stories, to try new technologies, to experiment. I’ll be glad if my quiet books will help your children in learning the world that surrounds them!

Visit my site to know about new toys and choose the one you like the best.

I’m always glad to have new friends and association!

New Works

Quiet book for babies "Driving, sailing, flying"
Quiet book for babies "Seasons"
Teddy Bear Mishutka

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