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QUIET TABLET "In the Land of Dense Grasses"

Hello, dear friends!

I want to show you my new quiet tablet book. This is a wandering game called "In the Land of Dense Grasses". The main character is a hedgehog.

Once upon a time it was a warm summer morning and a small bird sang to the hedgehog that there was a mushroom on the meadow far behind the forest. The mushroom was big and beautiful. The hedgehog would like it for sure. And our hero sets off. The path is long, difficult, and full of adventures. But as in an old fairy tale we will have a good ending.

Quiet Book. "In the Land of Dense Grasses"-02

Let’s help the hedgehog to overcome all the obstacles and reach the goal faster!

Throw the dice, move the counter and enjoy the adventures. Our tests are marked with the flowers. Every flower means a test for the child or for the gamer.

For example stopping near the flower with a butterfly a hedgehog meets her. She flies very fast, so she shows him the short way and he moves few positions forward. Stopping near the frog they make a joyful concert and croak several times.

Quiet Book. "In the Land of Dense Grasses"-03

And here, what’s a pity, a fly tangled in a spider web. While he helps her to get out of the web the hedgehog misses his pass. The bellflower has a bell, you can ring it. And here a caterpillar has tangled in the grass. The hedgehog plays hide-and-seek with her. Then he counts how many sectors she has and moves forward the same number of steps. And here at last the mushroom that the bird told about. That’s so good that the hedgehog has found it! He is very happy!

Quiet Book. "In the Land of Dense Grasses"-04

So join the hedgehog, play, and a lot of adventures and enjoyable moments are waiting for you.

Of course, a child faces all the tests not in one game, so the more interesting the game is. Each time a child gets new knowledge and new variety of tests. Thank’s for your attention. Press like, subscribe and join me in social networking websites. See you again!