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Teddy Bears & Friends

This section is dedicated to Teddy bears and their friends – different animals made in plush bears style.

For these toys we use traditional material (plush, mohair, viscose) and make them in a special way. Glass eyes, jointed paws, synthetic and woody filler, weighting agents, and the ingenuity of the author – that is the recipe of a Teddy bear who becomes a perfect decoration of your place and your best friend!

Teddy Bear Mischutka
Teddy Bear Kamila
Teddy Bear Suli
Teddy Bear Mityai
Teddy Bear. Dragon Tur
Teddy Bear Rosinda
Teddy Bear Timka
Teddy Bears‘ friends. Pussycats Marquis and Chanel
Teddy Bear Martin
Teddy Bears Pol & Sally
Teddy Bear Santa